Applications Of Free Conference Calls

Communication among many people at the same time is what is referred to as a conference call. It normally occurs between three or more people. It mainly has to features, that is, participation and listening. The person can either talk and participate in the conversation or just listen to what the others are saying.

Bridging is done when one wishes to include other people in the ongoing conversation.

Business is where conference calls has the most relevance. Conference calls are mostly applied to the business in areas such as; regular team meetings, training classes and communication to employees in different localities, sales presentations or client meetings, project meetings and updates.
Cost minimization and boosting the efficiency of work is one of the advantages of working using conference calls. Recent trends show the use of conference calls together with web conferences via the internet in sharing documents and presentations. This allows the presenter to give clarification on the presentation while actually viewing what he is doing.

Call etiquette should be observed depending on the context of the conversation. Business conference calls are host or operator assisted.

A difference can be heard between the sound quality when it comes to paid and free calls. Free calls are associated with a poor quality as compared to paid ones which are better in quality.

Revenue source for the conference company is by partnering with the host company for the bridging and getting a share of the income they earn from the calls. With the no organizer fee feature, the customer can make calls at the normal or standard rates but has an advantage in that they can make free conference calls to anyone.

The features of free conference calls are such as; online conference manager, has a large capacity, allows for free conference recording, conference call reporting, and all day conferencing.

A benefit that comes with using conference calls is the cost reduction as a whole and also particularly in the conference calls regardless of the inclusion of other participants. The advantages of using free conference calls are; they have the aspect of speed and convenience, one cannot ignore the calls, introduce all the participants involved, offer clarity when the communication is taking place and they eliminate the need for face to face communication by eliminating physical distance between voices. One can adopt the use of free conference calls in the business or the office as they are very beneficial to it.

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